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MSC shipping company official web sitehttp://www.mschongkong.com/

MSC shipping companies (MSC) was founded in 1970. Shipping company MSC (Mediterranean Shipping) ranked second in the world's top ten container shipping companies, the airline business worldwide.
Seventies, MSC shipping companies (MSC) focus on the development of shipping services between Africa and the Mediterranean. To 1985, Mediterranean Shipping expand their business to Europe, more open trans-Atlantic routes and after. Shipping company MSC (Mediterranean Shipping) in the nineties set foot in the Far East, and quickly occupy an important position in the Far East routes. Initially, MSC shipping companies (MSC) launched routes Far East to Europe, and then open another route to Australia. 1999 MSC shipping companies (MSC) of the Pan-Pacific route takes off, and then widely welcomed by the consignor.
From the scale of investment can also see speed MSC shipping companies (MSC) of the shipping industry and its dedication to the development. Only by the early opening while several general cargo ships, until today, MSC shipping companies (MSC) already has more than 240 container vessels. Whether based on the number of vessels, or based on carrying capacity, MSC shipping companies (MSC) are ranked second according to global stability.