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MOL shipping company official web sitehttp://www.mol.co.jp/

MOL shipping company English name: MITSUI O.S.K. LINES LTD.

MOL shipping companies acronym: MOL
Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) shipping company details:
Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd., referred to as MOL (Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.), a major Japanese shipping company, headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Because the company's earliest origins of Osaka merchant, the headquarters address is registered in Osaka City, North Island, is the world's five hundred companies.
Mitsui OSK Lines and Nippon Yusen and Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha of Japan and known as the three major shipping companies, in order to calculate the net profit and total market capitalization ranks first in Japan, while sales were second only to NYK. The main origins of MOL's two, are established in Osaka in 1884 and 1942 Mitsui merchant vessels, belonging to two consortia in Japan and Mitsui Sumitomo zaibatsu. In 1964, Osaka merchant ship merger with Mitsui Osaka MOL Ship Co., Ltd., created a Japanese zaibatsu across large merger precedent. April 1999, Osaka MOL ship and was ranked fourth in the Japanese shipping company Navix Line merged, renamed MOL.
Unlike Maersk and other shipping in container transportation company, MOL's business scope involves all vessel types. By the end of March 2008, it has a total of 845 merchant ships of various types, 5,434 million weight tons, is the world's largest fleet. While MOL has the industry's first fleet of LNG and strong dry bulk carriers and ro-ro car, and the UN in the field of container transport around the world 10. MOL container is marked containers to carry the crocodile, is a clear and interesting features.
In 2008 "Fortune" Global 500 ranking, with Maersk, MOL, NYK Line and COSCO Group, as only four international shipping companies selected.