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APL shipping company official web sitehttp://www.apl.com/

American President Lines (APL shipping companies) Details:
APL (American President Lines, Ltd.) with 150 years of shipping experience, is the world's sixth largest container liner shipping company. US President (APL) to the world more than 125 countries and regions offer intermodal container business, its business scope covers all the major markets in North America, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Australia.
US President (APL) the main routes are US line, which has a relationship with his origin, but also his biggest source of profits. US President APL in China is divided into two areas, South China and North China. South China under the jurisdiction of Ningbo, south of all ports, headquartered in Hong Kong, north of North China under the jurisdiction of Ningbo and Ningbo, headquartered in Shanghai. Later, four parallel sub-district, South China, North China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Greater China general (GREAT CHINA).
US President (APL shipping company) development history
1848 US President (APL) ship, formerly was founded in 1848 Pacific cruise lines;
1849 Pacific cruise company's first ship steam engine - No. California on October 6, 1849 by the New York departure, beginning its mission to Panama Canal voyage on the route;
1867 January 1, 1986, Colorado was slowly left the San Francisco Asian expedition. The significance of the voyage marks the regular route to Yokohama, Japan, the United States and Hong Kong from this opening: from Hakodate to Yokohama, Kobe, Nagasaki and Shanghai also navigable feeder services;
1921 US President (APL shipping company) opened route between New York and Shanghai;
1925 US dollars acquisition of shipping company Pacific cruise lines;
1978 US President (APL) ship Taiwan branch was established;
1979 China entered a new era of reform and opening up, American President Lines freighter anchored again Dalian and Qingdao Port;
1984 US President (APL) vessels established Hong Kong Branch;
1997 Singapore's Neptune Orient Corporation (NOL GROUP) merger. APL Logistics Transport China Limited -APL LOGISTICS CHINA LTD was founded and is headquartered in Shanghai. Providing global manufacturers and operators to supply chain management solutions;
2000 US imperial management information (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. APL RAC LTD. In the Shanghai Pudong New Area was established, the company responsible for managing the document processing business in Asia. Meanwhile US President (APL) shipping company office management Greater China region is also located here.
For over a half century, US President (APL shipping company) has undergone dramatic change, it has been among the top five shipping and logistics services to the list of companies in the world;