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Position: freight forwarding operation

Release Date: 2016-06-15 Location: Shanghai  

Work experience: more than 2 years experience in freight forwarding operations

Salary: Negotiable     Education: College Number: 2

description of job:
Responsible for handling the company's freight forwarding business with a single operation
Recruitment requirements:
Female, 25 years old, college degree or above, required in the bulk transportation of relevant experience; practical, hard-working, responsible, self-motivated, work carefully, serious, hard-working; in Shanghai, there is experience is preferred .
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Position: Sales freight forwarding
Release Date: 2016-06-15 Location: Shanghai      Work experience: more than 2 years or 2 years
Salary: Negotiable           Education: secondary / post-secondary / undergraduate          Number: 8

description of job: 
1, according to the company planning the development of new customers, including making development plans, customer visits, and offer more business into work;
2, maintaining some of the old customers, including customer visits, exception handling routine follow-up issues and work;
Recruitment requirements:
1, male or female, college education, logistics or international trade. Love sales work, there are more than 2 years of sales experience, the logistics industry sales experience is preferred;
2, articulate, quick thinking, strong language skills;
3, learning ability, adaptability, strong communication, negotiation, persuasion and patience;
4, with professionalism and high sense of responsibility, hard working, teamwork spirit;