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In Import and export trade often occur customs clearance, customs declaration for the customs department, inspection department for inspection and quarantine, customs and quarantine carry out their duties and interrelated, so the declaration and inspection, there are internal links.
Customs declaration and inspection, although only one word but fundamentally different, but also has a link back and forth between them.
Customs declaration and inspection are handled one of import and export clearance process, but the object is a customs declaration, inspection object is export commodity inspection and quarantine departments. Inspection prior to customs clearance, commodity inspection department inspection only after completion and issue entry Customs clearance of goods, customs declaration before accepting the application, a single trial taxation release and other processes are after. not all need to import and export commodities inspection, only the state of the commodity only need inspection and all import and export commodities ( In addition to carrying the green channel) are required to declare it.

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