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Multimodal Transport

We can provide multimodal solutions:
1, sea and railway transport    2, Jianghai intermodal           3, air and sea transport
4, land and sea transport        5, sea and railway transport   6, sea and air transport

Multimodal features :

1. according to multimodal transport operation, the entire carriage used in at least two modes of transport, and continuous transport of different ways.
2. The main intermodal cargo container cargo, with container transport characteristics.
3. Intermodal is a vote in the end, the implementation of the single rate of freight transport. As long as the consignor entered into a contract to pay once, once insurance, through a document to complete the entire transport.
4. Intermodal Transportation is the umbrella organization of different ways, the entire transport are organized by the multimodal transport operator done. Whether involving several modes of transport, transport is divided into several sections, by the multimodal transport operator is responsible for the entire freight.