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Air transport aircraft or other aircraft as a transport carrier. Also known as air transport. Usually is more urgently cargo, road transport and maritime transport can not meet customer requirements of customers will choose the case of aging air. Air its fast and safe. The ultra-efficient time to win a large market, greatly reducing the delivery time, the logistics supply chain to accelerate cash flow and circulation plays a great motivational. Major airlines have invested a lot of freight flights dispensing piece of cake. But the air is relatively high shipping costs.
        Flexible logistics have a professional sea freight air transport operators group of very dedicated to provide customers with professional booking service, covering sea and air transport. Operational flexibility to meet customer various aspects of production, transportation, such as receivables, for customers to save valuable time, but also effectively reduce logistics costs.

一, air transport services
1, advantages route: Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, the United States ......
2, the international agency network in more than 50 cities around the world
3, agent air "door to door" cargo transportation services
4, Acting transport of dangerous goods by air

二、Sea and air transport services

Air freight shipping process

The foreign trade companies and trade enterprises in ready goods, letters of credit open to receive the audited (or modified) is correct, can be checked, ie letters of credit and shipping terms related to the contract, as well as goods name, number , the date of shipment, destination, etc. fill out the "consignment note" and provide relevant documents sent to Flexible logistics companies deer as the basis of a flight.
Arrangements for cargo:
Situation Flexible logistics company received consignment Flexible logistics and related documents, together with Chinese civil aviation, according to the principle of loading, nature of cargo, freight quantity, destination, etc., combine flights, accommodation arrangements and issued by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China AWB.
Loading, installed:
Flexible logistics companies according to flight, on behalf of the foreign trade companies or trade enterprises to warehouse the goods sent to the airport, with the shipping documents of the goods to be transported designated space.
Consignment note:
Installed finished goods, issued by the China Civil Aviation total waybill, Flexible logistics Air Waybill issued by the company, Air Waybill has three original copies Twelve. The original three, the first copy to the consignor, the second kept by the Flexible logistics, the third accompanied with the goods to the consignee. A copy of the twelve As parts of the declaration, financial settlement, foreign agents, transit allocation purposes.
Issued a notice of shipment:
After the goods are installed, you can send notification of shipment to the buyer, so that the other side ready to pay, redeem, for delivery.