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Marine transport is the majority owner of the world's currently the preferred mode of transport, ocean freight can be loaded with a large, multi, low shipping costs and other factors!
Flexible logistics shippers can provide many types of ocean shipping program, including FCL, LCL, special container(OOG), bulk cargo charter booking, ship charter booking and so on.
一, Container FCL
Flexible logistics and COSCO, ZIM, PIL, SITC, CMA, MSK, OOCL and many other shipping companies to maintain long-term good relations of cooperation, tariffs on a number of routes are extremely competitive. Flexible logistics with supporting customs broker and logistics warehouse and towing companies, while deep plowing in customs, all shipping, docks, and other units, with established global agent partners the good cooperative relations to ensure that goods can be safely and quickly transported to the designated destination.

二, Container LCL
LCL is our big advantages of the project, the business is to focus on different goods consignor up and transported to the port of destination and then allocated to different hands consignee. Seemingly complex procedures followed by our experienced professionals to operate, it simplifies, parts into a whole. Every week, we have a fixed timetable, to provide preferential tariffs and reliable service, your goods from the factory of the world a steady stream of inflows worldwide consumer market.

三, Special Container Services (OOG)
Our services include FCL rack, open top containers, GOH, freezers, ISO tank container and other special services. We have ten years of experience in product transport bridge equipment, construction machinery, precision machine tools, is of special programs and expert packing box packing operation, banding, reinforcement, testing and other aspects of security. In the port of destination FOB port of export and import can provide professional services to ensure safe transportation of goods, transfer security, and to prevent the subversion of items are in transit, corrosion and contamination. Meanwhile, we also provide devanning, door to door transport inside and outside, as well as the transfer of large cargo transport special box when bulky goods, and many other special services.

四, Bulky Cargo Transportation
In addition to the ordinary container, special container transport services, we also offer large cargo import and export and domestic logistics services bulk cargo. That is: according to actual needs, the use of bulk cargo, ro-ro, marine barges, large vehicle axis, low flatbed transport undertake large equipment, transportation, bulk cargo and general cargo and other non-containerized cargo, and provide customs declaration inspection, boat services, on-site lifting equipment in place and a series of one-stop service.
We have a number of operating large equipment and professional and technical personnel to provide services related specialty channels, not only to develop economic, safe, reliable and efficient transport programs, but also responsible for program implementation and monitoring process.