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Flexible logistics is a comprehensive development goals for the main business of global companies in the Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East have overseas freight agency trusted our long-term cooperation, we are about to join the company to employees with generous salaries and special work and development opportunities.

Regional branches and overseas agency:
Branch staff and overseas agencies play an important role in the implementation of business development and high quality service. Bingzhe customer-oriented and hands-on service idea, they understand the needs of customers, proactively provide solutions for their services in order to meet the needs of customers to achieve the best results.

The main functions:
Route management
• committed to route design, shipping rates or revenue management work; support for regional offices to achieve profits on regular routes maximum.
• assumed a critical role in the regional offices, in order to ensure that it meets the different needs of customers in different fields, to provide service programs, business development, to maximize the performance of our container transport and logistics industry.
customer service
• become ambassador and our customers, to ensure the transfer of documents or handle customer service requirements.
• In the corporate headquarters or regional headquarters, dedicated to one of the following areas, to ensure that our service quality and operational efficiency best:
o cooperation with the airline management and the overseas agency partners, network design services;
o provision of infrastructure facilities and strategic competition
o provision of equipment and facilities management processes to reduce the imbalance of supply and equipment mobilization costs.
o design and optimization of onshore operations, including trucks, warehouses, docks and so on.
o maritime operations for our ship stowage and design schedules
• In the regional branches, engaged in the infrastructure and operation of the network design and planning; supplier management and optimization of equipment mobilization, to provide quality services and efficient operations in the region.
Fleet Management
• As one of our team members professional management team, will contribute expertise to optimize your fleet safety, quality and cost control in performance; and human resources management of our land fleet operations employees.
• As an integral part of the professional team of land, whether it is scheduling, pilots, managers or other personnel, will take up the responsibility for fleet management operations to ensure the safety and integrity of our container transport services.
Human Resources
• In our headquarters, and we kind of knowledge together to create a learning organization to support the company's continued growth in the organization structure, a way to make us better at the local level to attract, hire and maintain a high quality team of staff Interpersonal environment, and the development of the entire human resource management strategy.
• In each of our regions, support the entire regional management team to ensure an effective team to support the establishment and development of the cause of progress and growth of our employee's career.
Financial Management
• In the field offices, to play your expertise to support flexible logistics and its regional branches and overseas agencies, in order to ensure compliance with the law, to provide management information to assist management decisions, cash flow management and risk management.
• In the area of overseas branches and agencies in a responsible and timely manner, in compliance with the law and other receivables and help us the best results.