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• Flexible logistics is an international freight forwarder company incorporated with the approval of the chinese ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation.
      • Flexible logistics has international maritime, aviation, land transport and customs clearance agent qualifications, contractors of all types of import and export goods and non-trade materials, a full range of international transport agents。
      • Flexible logistics with maritime warehouses, air transport warehouses, with a dedicated transport fleet at the terminal, the airport, with office operations center。
      • We have been committed to the development and training of international logistics partners, has so far established a network of overseas agents around the world. able to provide customers, including collection and payment of fees, the port of destination clearance delivery, distribution of imported goods, monitoring, delivery and other diversified services door。

  • 1company's business,

    Maritime transport, air transport, rail transport, multimodal transport, road transport, storage and transportation, customs clearance, cargo insurance.

  • 2Company's organizations 

    Maritime Department, air Department, OOG Department, trailers Department, warehouse Department, operations Department, marketing Department, customer service department, project department.

  • 3Branch Office


  • 4Corporate Culture

    Flexible logistics core of corporate culture is: employees strong, strong enterprise; the company is a home, we rely on the development!

  • Flexible logistics business philosophy is: "Passion dream, struggle to create desirable to provide a broad space for the staff!"